Our Story

Mau Associates Limited was founded in 2009 as sole traders and letter incorporated in the year

2013 as limited liability Company incorporated in Kenya and registered under the company Act

(Cap.486) and VAT Act (Cap.476)

The company is also registered with the government of Kenya as Buildings and Civil Work, Roads and Water Works contractors. The ownership of the company is 100% Kenyans.

 We endeavors to provide quality and sustainable construction works and infrastructure management works within Kenya and East Africa regions


        Construction of roads, high ways, bridges and dykes

        Construction of buildings of all kinds & associated civil works

        Construction of agricultural installations, systems and storages

        Construction of water and sewage works and any other engineering construction works

        Sewerage ponds, Pans and small dams.


The Best Green Energy Solutions

Our organization has partnered with world renowned green energy products manufactures to assist our clients reduce their dependence on diesel generated electricity. We offer customized green energy solutions tailored to address specific site requirements. The proper combination of wind, solar power and battery banks, all managed using smart controllers and automated signaling and remote management, enables mobile company reduce its operational costs significantly. We have a team of Engineers ready to design and deploy the systems to address our customer needs. Should you have such a requirement, we would be more than happy to serve you.